BOLA scones

BOLA granola scones recipe by Michele Miller

BOLA scones In the bowl of a food processor combine: 1c AP flour 1c. ground BOLA granola 3T brown sugar 2t Baking powder ½t baking soda ½t coarse salt Pulse and cut in: 8T cold butter Pulse until no chunks of butter remain Combine and pulse in: 1 egg ½ c yogurt ½t almond extract […]

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Oven-baked French toast

Oven-baked French Toast Recipe by Michèle Miller

Baguette: Cut a baguette on the bias 1+” thick to provide as much surface for the buttery crust as possible. Beat 5 eggs with enough milk (1 cup) to bring the mix to a light warm yellow. Stir in 1 Tablespoon or less of real vanilla Soak the cut baguette until it is wet through, […]

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Try this! The BOLA Berry Smoothie

One of the best times of year here in The Berkshires is when berries are in season. Juicy, sweet and unlike anything you would ever find in a supermarket. We always looking for new ways to enjoy them while they last. Our local coffee shop, Fuel, has come up with this wonderful smoothie using BOLA […]

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