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BOLA granola Scones

BOLA granola


Here at BOLA granola, we continue to feel grateful to walk out the door and find ourselves surrounded by the blooming Berkshires, rain or shine. 

  I love my daily BOLA granola and yogurt breakfast but lately I’ve also been looking for alternate ways to get the satisfaction and nutrition. I think these BOLA granola scones do the trick! I’ve added dried fruit to the mix.

Whether you are off to work or staying in you can enjoy the benefits of BOLA without a spoon! Quick and easy. 

BOLA scones

In the bowl of a food processor combine:
1c AP flour, 1c. ground BOLA granola, 3T brown sugar, 2t Baking powder, 
½t baking soda, ½t coarse salt
Pulse and cut in:
8T cold butter
Pulse until no chunks of butter remain

Combine and pulse in:
1 egg, ½ c yogurt, ½t almond extract
Turn out into a bowl and add:
1c dried blueberries, cranberries or bits of dried apricot
Turn out onto a lined baking sheet, pat into a plate sized round. Sprinkle ½ c BOLA granola over all. Cut through to form wedges but leave together.
Bake at 425F for 15-20 minutes.
Eat immediately or take away.

BOLA loves you back!