BOLA at the beach

Order before August 1 and get free shipping on all orders over $50! Hope you’re having a great summer. BOLA loves you back!  CLICK HERE TO ORDER! 

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Long Weekend News

Come and get it! One week left to get free shipping on ALL orders over $50. No promo code required. Wishing you a restful holiday weekend! CLICK HERE TO ORDER! 

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Spring Fever!

The cool nights and warm days are working their magic here in the Berkshires. The air is crystal clear and the plants we see but once a year are appearing …ramps of course, wild ginger and bloodroot, soon wild azalea and trillium…all gone too soon. Let’s savor this too short season. Open the windows and […]

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Travels with BOLA

I never leave home without BOLA granola….well OK that’s an exaggeration. But I do pack it when I travel…to sustain me and to share.  So yes, I made sure I had a stash with me when I recently travelled to Oaxaca, Mexico.   As part of a Simply Smiles team working to build an orphanage, […]

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“The most serious charge which can be brought against New England is not Puritanism but February.” Joseph Wood Krutch And this year we have an extra day of February! Leap Day! Here at BOLA granola, feeding people healthy and delicious food is our mission. As we say on our bag, we want to provide nourishment […]

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Happy New Year

Before settling in front of the fire to toast the New Year, we want to remind you that each time you order before the end of the year, you will receive a coupon for free shipping to be redeemed on one domestic order over $20 between January 1 and Valentine’s Day. BOLA loves you back! […]

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Thank you note from a dear customer

A Gift For You

Sometimes tucked in with all the bills and junk mail we get little reminders that you appreciate what we do. We’re not immune to compliments! Our day was brightened when we received this lovely note. In a few weeks we’ll celebrate the Winter Solstice and snow or no we’ll be happy to see the days […]

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Nightlife in Istanbul

From Istanbul to the Berkshires

The Galata Bridge at night   When I travelled in Turkey last fall I was looking for a taste of authentic baklava. It was already too unstable to travel to the border town of Gazientep, the capital of all things pistachio but I made the best of it in various authentic baklava bakeries in Istanbul. […]

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Late summer blueberry cake

Waiting for the storm. Yes, it has been hot and any minute now the sky will open up and drench all of our parched gardens with rain and runoff!! We’ve been gorging on corn, tomatoes and most of all blueberries. We wait all year for blueberries and eat them every way we can, with BOLA granola […]

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Dessert of BOLA granola, fresh strawberries, local honey and Chobani yogurt

How we do it in the Berkshires

Hello! In our last newsletter we mentioned that we had been invited to take part in a video produced by Chobani about food producers here in the Berkshires. Well, it looks so great we wanted to share it with you. For those of you unfamiliar with the Berkshires, we hope this will lure you to […]

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