BOLA scones

BOLA granola scones recipe by Michele Miller

BOLA scones In the bowl of a food processor combine: 1c AP flour 1c. ground BOLA granola 3T brown sugar 2t Baking powder ½t baking soda ½t coarse salt Pulse and cut in: 8T cold butter Pulse until no chunks of butter remain Combine and pulse in: 1 egg ½ c yogurt ½t almond extract […]

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Oven-baked French toast

Oven-baked French Toast Recipe by Michèle Miller

Baguette: Cut a baguette on the bias 1+” thick to provide as much surface for the buttery crust as possible. Beat 5 eggs with enough milk (1 cup) to bring the mix to a light warm yellow. Stir in 1 Tablespoon or less of real vanilla Soak the cut baguette until it is wet through, […]

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Easy Lima Bean Soup from Craig Claiborne

Easy Lima Bean Soup by Michèle Miller

Courtesy of Craig Claiborne Simmer 3/4c of chopped shallots in 5T butter until translucent. Add 1 1/4 lbs of frozen (or fresh if you can get them) baby lima beans to the pot with 1/2 teaspoon herb salt, 1/2 teaspoon fresh ground pepper and 1 teaspoon of dried marjoram. Simmer together briefly with 1/2 cup […]

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BOLA granola THUMBPRINT COOKIES by Michèle Miller

BOLA granola Thumbprint Cookies  Process until finely ground and then set aside: 1 cup BOLA granola Barely Sweet  Cream: 1/2 cup butter with 1/3 cup brown sugar and 2T white sugar ** if you are using Original BOLA granola, leave out the white sugar ** When well combined, add 2 egg yolks at a time, scraping down between additions […]

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A note from Michele

Dear Friends! We are happy to report that here at BOLA granola we are all well and taking extra care to stay that way. We are also preparing as much as we can to make sure that there will be no interruption of supply. Wishing you all the best. If you spending more time at […]

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Too much of not enough…

Too much of not enough…..   When I enter a “grocery store” I am often overcome by the feeling that for all the boxes and bags on the shelf there is so little real food on offer. I know I’m not alone when I see people looking confused over the many choices. Sweetened, salted, processed, […]

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Zoltar: “I see a great deal of happiness in store for you.”

We were delighted recently when Sarah brought in a “fortune teller” her sons had made at camp. Who can resist discovering ”You’re Awesome” under the flap! When our co-worker ChrisP announced he’d be leaving to go to Alaska we had to have a little send-off with his favorite Tangleberry pie from Taft Farms.   In addition […]

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Making the Best of It!

It’s still a shock to come downstairs in the morning to see the zero reading on the outdoor thermometer, but the sun is strong and the equinox upon us. I feel like baking… Making banana bread always seemed like punishment to me. I would have preferred to make cherry pies but my mother needed to […]

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My trip to Florida by Michèle Miller

Heading South     Flying into Miami as a winter storm shut down the Northeast left me giddy with relief and ready to embrace the urban tropical life. Miami ranks high in the fitness world for gyms, yoga studios, and events that are a natural fit for BOLA granola. We have made a lot of […]

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